Traditional Croatian cuisine follows the Mediterranean lifestyle and is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. The variety and abundance of the products found in this area have created culinary delights that have been in the making for centuries.

The taste of Posedarje is no different. Offering a unique taste, freshness and quality like no other. This is due to a combination of the seasons and the natural environment found in Posedarje.

Pršut or prosciutto from Posedarje is a prime example of this. It is said to be superior because of the geographical positioning of Posedarje. Exposed to strong northerly winds, it is laced with traces of sea salt, giving it a special taste.

New olive groves sprout yearly in Posedarje and have been doing so for years on end. These olive groves are located on nearby hills, which have proven to be an essential element in creating prime-quality olive oil.