Do you desire to become one with nature? Wouldn’t it be great to forget the chaotic routine of your daily life? The simple truth is, Posedarje is just the place to achieve this effortless state of mind.

Situated on the coast of the Novigrad sea, just 25 kilometres from Zadar, Posedarje is rich in history and tradition spanning back centuries. Roam its intimate streets and fall under its everlasting spell that’s swept over so many before and will envelop countless others. 

Posedarje is synonymous with tranquillity. 

Experience the best of Croatia by revelling in one of nature’s greatest gifts. Explore breath-taking beaches, untouched beauty and crystal-clear waters.

Infamous for its local delicacies like prosciutto and top of the range, freshly sourced seafood, this spot offers a sensory overload for your palate. 

Simplicity is key in Posedarje, but that doesn’t mean that your stay here won’t be filled with a healthy dose of adrenaline and adventure. From exploring national parks, trekking mountain ranges and going on safari – Posedarje has everything you need and more for a complete holiday experience. 

Immerse yourself in what can only be described as Croatia’s best-kept secret and fall in love with Posedarje today.