Holy Spirit Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect Croatian beach town, you cannot go past Posedarje.

Instead of the typically cluttered beaches scattered with gaggles of tourists, the Holy Spirit beach in Posedarje is not only incredibly beautiful but often crowd-free.

This protected beach stands out from others in the area as it’s enclosed from all sides, with just a small channel streaming in from the north. Cloaked in a constant, glistening haze, the pebble stone haven is relatively shallow, making it ideal for children and weak swimmers alike.

Healing powers of medicinal mud celebrated by the likes of none other than Cleopatra herself can be found here. Why not make the most of your relaxing Croatian getaway and achieve clear, youthful-looking skin at the same time?

The long stretch of beach is adorned with a promenade that makes for a relaxing stroll along the shoreline. While this beach doesn’t offer much in the form of shade, there is a forest in the vicinity where you can escape the sun’s rays.

A café is also on hand, serving cold, refreshing drinks to beachgoers.

This corner of the earth is paradise found. No need to look any further.